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Banco de semillas creado para uso medicinal. Alguien que esté buscando cepas superiores que realmente trabajan en la producción de alivio del dolor, una condición médica o para el asesoramiento en el crecimiento y el cultivo de la calidad superior cepas de marihuana medicinal. Así que si eso es lo que tu buscas a continuación Grand Daddy Purp es el lugar adecuado en el momento 

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  • Bay 11

    Grand Daddy Purple creator Ken Estes introduces his new break out Sativa strain "Bay 11" and captures top honor at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Awards! CONSULT AVAILABILITY

  • Bay Dream

    Grand Daddy Purple Bay Dream.This is both a great day and night time medicine that will provide the user with a feeling that is sure to please.  CONSULT AVAILABILITY

  • CandyLand

    CandyLand. The Winner of the 2012 KushCon Cup for 1st place Sativa CONSULT AVAILABILITY

  • Grand Daddy Purple

    Grand Daddy Purple."This propriety "Royal Indica" strain whose puffy buds are usually dense, magnificent in their unreal color  scheme, with an unmistakable smell, awesome taste and unbelievable potency are what makes it straight up uniquely ..... the real deal"   CONSULT AVAILABILITY


    Grandpa Larry of Grand Daddy Purple Seeds are regular medicinal marijuana seeds that stand out for their high genetic load of OG Kush, synonymous with quality, potency, production and flavor. CONSULT AVAILABILITY

  • Ken's Kush

    Ken's Kush. Ken's Kush is a highly potent and superb organic medical cannabis strain CONSULT AVAILABILITY

  • OG Kush



    Pink Champagne x Kens OG

  • Purple Valley OG Grand Daddy Purple Seeds

    Purple Valley OG Grand Daddy Purple Seeds CONSULT AVAILABILITY

  • Purple Wreck Grand Daddy Purple

    Purple Wreck. Our Grand Daddy Purple Wreck's medicinal properties are very strong which helped coin its name “The Pain Strain” Also it is excellent in the treatment of depression, migraines, anxiety, joint and bone discomfort, appetite stimulant as well as nausea, cramps associated with PMS, muscle aches, and helps ease some pain caused by nerve damage"...


    The Funk of Grand Daddy Purple Seeds are marijuana seeds in regular format, cross of two large American genetics such as a female Tahoe OG and a male Ken OG and that stands out for its great production, sweet flavors and great medicinal potency. CONSULT AVAILABILITY

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