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Bangi X ( Congo #3 / Chitral )

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ACE Seeds Congo  is another unique marijuana hybrid from Ace Seeds industry. This delicious cannabis strain combines an original landrace of a Bangi crossed with Congo No.3 and Chitral bred. Seed selectors from Ace Seeds used those rare African and Indian ancestors to create a new cannabis strain of a manageable size with a fast flowering period and a high quality yield which can satisfy anyone.
This marijuana variety is 75% sativa and typically shows mainly sativa qualities.

Congo cannabis seeds produce compact plants. She grows very manageably for indoor application and show excellent results in soil and/or hydroponics setups. A mature plant of this marijuana grows up to 120 cm with medium spaced nodes full of generous trichomes; THC content is said to be as high as 18-20%. Medicine produced from Congo sativa plants have lower CBD and higher THC counts which produce a more clear headed, energetic type of high, perfect for active life.

It takes this cannabis seed 10-11 weeks of flowering to start producing medium internodals with thick nuggets. A beautiful aroma as sweet as honey with delicate and fresh floral detail appear already at the beginning of flowering and becomes more intense by the time of a harvest. Congo seeds are suitable for indoor and/outdoor growing. They are so easy to cultivate that we definitely recommend her for beginners. More sun and added months of vegetative growth only improve the highest qualities of this cannabis variety and make them more pronounced. Outside harvest begins in the middle of October with an average yield as high as 350 gr. per plant. It's a fact that the more you nurture your skunk, the better result she shows. Like any other Ace seeds, Congo marijuana is very adaptive to a cold outdoor condition, they do not affect her production.


Sex : Regular
Type : Indica / Sativa, Mostly sativa
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Bangi X ( Congo #3 / Chitral )
Flowering Time : Medium
Outdoor Harvest : 2nd-3rd week of October
Height : Medium
THC Level : Medium
Characteristics : Sweet as honey


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Rishi Kush

Easy to grow Kush strain. Delicious aroma. Pleasurable, soothing high. Great hash plant.

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ACE Seeds is a group of breeders and cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of this wonderful plant.

Our planet is suffering a constant lost of genetic diversity and Cannabis is not an exception. It is our responsibility to save all these unique forms of life, and to maintain and preserve the biodiversity.

The pure landrace varieties, which are the origin of all the domesticated varieties, are a prime example of the amazing adaptation of cannabis to the different ecosystems of our planet, and the millenary and instensive relationships with human race.

The pure varieties are disappearing for many reasons, such as elimination of natural habitats, war, lost of ancestral cultures, genetic contamination, globalization and laws prohibiting research and use of this plant almost around the world.

Although we already count with many medical uses based in Cannabis, we have still only barely scratched the surface of this plant's potential and what it can offer to the world.

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